Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Voice of the Lord

In Psalms 29, it talks about the voice of the Lord. It says that the voice of the Lord is powerful and it is full of majesty. It is the voice that sounds like many waters, it is the voice that wants to speak to each and every one of us today if we would only listen. I wrote a poem last year on the voice of the Lord so here goes.

His voice is like the rushing of the sea
Covering every part
Making Himself known
In the corners of the earth

Through prophets and apostles
He speaks
With fervour and authority
Dividing everything asunder

To ears, to eyes
To senses, He speaks
Never failing to be true
Always remaining forever

Be awake O ye people
For He has something to say
He wants to speak to you
At every time of the day

Look to see
Listen to hear
Sense to feel
His voice is here

© 2012 Trisha Carter

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