Friday, 9 January 2015

You Are Welcome Here

You are welcome here
Holy Spirit You are welcome into my heart
Into my life
Into the deepest parts of me
All You desire is to find a resting place
Is to find a home
I will be that home
I will be that resting place

You are welcome here
You are welcome into my secrets
My thoughts, my inner being
This is the place where You belong
Where You and I connect
Where we become one
Just like the Father and the Son

You are welcome here
Fill this place with Your presence
Fill this place with the fragrance of You
You are welcome here
Here is where You should be
Here is where You belong

You are welcome here
To show me my faults
To mould me into who You have called me to be
To show me Your glory
To show me You
You are welcome here

 This post is a part of the Five Minute Friday community by Kate Motaung where brave writers gather together to write for five minutes on any word.


  1. Beautiful! I love the part that says, "You are welcome here to show me my faults, to mould me into who you have called me to be." Wow! Thank you for sharing! (Visiting from FMF)

    1. I'm glad that you loved it Carrie!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. What a beautiful welcoming poem/prayer, Trisha. This speaks vulnerability and trust in our Savior. I think I'll be praying this prayer, welcoming Jesus into ALL the aspects of my life.

    Stopping by from FMF. :)

    1. I'm glad that you were encouraged and inspired to welcome Jesus into every aspect!! Thanks for visiting Jeanne!!!

  3. Visiting from FMF and loved your post.


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