Friday, 6 February 2015

He Will Keep You

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3 (NKJV)

God will keep you in perfect peace. He will keep you in those stormy situations and bring stillness and peace. He brings peace to those whose minds are stayed on Him. When we fix our eyes on God, every worry subsides. Everything that we thought was an issue or a problem becomes no more because we recognize that our Heavenly Father will take care of us. If He can feed the birds, surely He can feed us. 

When our minds are stayed on God, we trust Him. Our minds become anxious and begin to over think when we think that God really isn't doing the job. We begin to have unbelief and we begin to doubt. Trusting God is letting go of everything and casting your cares on Him. It is realizing that you really can't do anything about the situation and the only person who can is God. 

Trusting without borders is what we are called to do. We can't say that we fully trust if we worry and become anxious, in this we are actually trusting God with borders. We want to be able to trust God without any borders, without any hindrances, without any doubts. Our trust should span the length of the sea and beyond.

God will keep you in your situation. He kept me in mine and surely He will keep you also. Don't worry, don't get anxious, just trust God and trust that He has a plan for you that is for your good.  

This post is a part of the Five Minute Friday community by Kate Motaung where brave writers gather together to write for five minutes on any word.


  1. Hi Trisha, we're neighbors on the five minute friday linkup this week. If you're getting this comment again, I'm sorry, it didn't show up that my first comment posted.

    " Don't worry, don't get anxious, just trust God and trust that He has a plan for you that is for your good" I really needed to hear to "just trust God and that he has a plan for you" That is so hard for me right now. Thank you for sharing this. :)

    1. Yes trusting is very hard but when we do it, it becomes worth it! Thanks for visiting!!

  2. Amen! I loved every bit of what you wrote. Have a great weekend! Blessings, Carrie

    1. I'm glad that you loved it!! You have a great one too Carrie!!

  3. Loved this! "Trusting without borders is what we are called to do." That line hit me right in the gut--thanks!! :)

  4. Trisha, wow. We are really close on the linkup and had the same verse and thought in mind. Kindred spirits indeed! Thank you for sharing this. :) (I'm 99 this week)
    Love and hugs!


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